Company History

Milestones of the company history of the STAUFF Group

Early 1930s

The company name appears for the first time in the early 1930s. The Stauffenberg and Frodenau company initially focuses on all kinds of electrical and mechanical engineering articles.

Mid 1930s

Production is changed over to spring cores in the middle of the decade.


In 1937, the official company name changes to Walter Stauffenberg.

1940 to 1945

The company remains closed during World War II.

20 August 1945

On 20 August 1945, Walter Stauffenberg risks a new start as a one-man business and repair shop for mattress springs. 


Founder Walter Stauffenberg hands over the business to the next generation and left the company on 4 October 1955. At the same time, the company name and status are changed to Walter Stauffenberg KG. Jochen Kracht becomes the proprietor. Siblings Lutz and Ursula Kracht are limited partners in the company.

23 February 1964

23 February 1964 is considered to be the actual founding date of the STAUFF Group. On this day, self-made entrepreneur Arnold Menshen from Werdohl, originally a scrap and metal dealer, takes over the Walter Stauffenberg KG contract turning shop with 20 employees from his father-in-law Otto Kracht, a nephew of Walter Stauffenberg and himself owner of a successful factory for pumps and motors in Werdohl. 

Shortly before this, the company moved from a former hangar in Werdohl-Ütterslingen to a recently renovated building at Neustadtstraße 27 in the centre of Werdohl.


After the takeover of Walter Stauffenberg KG by Arnold Menshen, the company continues to primarily manufacture turned parts for Kracht pumps and motors.

In an annex of the building at Neustadtstraße – nicknamed “Ponderosa” by employees due to its similarity with a stable, development and production of tube fasteners begins, initially made of wood. The purpose of this product is to dampen vibrations in the pressurised lines around the hydraulic pumps in order to protect the systems from leaks and expensive downtime. Back then, a typical clamp consists of two diametrically opposed halves, which – after being pressed together and fastened with two screws – has a round opening at the centre with the diameter of the line to be fastened.

At this time, wooden or metal clamps are the only reliable options for this task during.

The use of direct-controlled valves with electromagnets, however, takes the existing solutions to the limit of their capacity. On being actuated, these valves snap shut and the resulting recoil generates considerable vibrations and noise. Even clamps made of lignum vitae, a particularly hard and dense type of wood, are not capable of damping the vibrations in the high-pressure lines.

Arnold Menshen, however, identifies this problem and initiates a solution for overcoming these problems permanently by using polypropylene to manufacture the fastening clamps in the described block design. This plastic material has previously been regarded as critical for use in the hydraulics industry.


Shorty after this development, standard production of plastic tube clamps begins.

Tube and hose clamps with a design similar to the type used then are still among the core products of the STAUFF Group today as original STAUFF Clamps. Their exact design in the Standard, Heavy and Twin Series has been defined in the DIN 3015 standard since the early 1990s.


STAUFF clamps generate a disappointing first annual turnover of less than 18,000 DEM.


Successful advertising in the German trade magazine “Hydraulik und Pneumatik” give STAUFF clamps their breakthrough in the market. After the first advertisement, the company already receives more than 700 inquiries from interested companies.

Collaboration with technical dealers begins in Germany, some of whom still work closely with STAUFF and play an important role in the sale and distribution of STAUFF clamps today – more than 50 years later.

The innovative product also draws attention abroad, although export is initially limited to countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia.

Also: First certification of STAUFF clamps in ship hydraulics by Germanischer Lloyd.


The sister company Georg MENSHEN as a manufacturer of STAUFF plastic clamps using own injection moulding machines is founded in 1970. Own production starts on 1 July. The company is initially located in the Repe Valley in Rölleken near Attendorn.

Over the years, this develops into the MENSHEN Group, which today has its headquarters in Finnentrop. Independently of STAUFF, it is highly successful as one of the leading international manufacturers for plastic closures, coffee capsules and injection-moulded packaging components. The industry focus is on cosmetics and cleaning agents as well as the chemicals and food sectors. MENSHEN is regarded as a global market leader in its market segments.


One of the first comprehensive catalogues for STAUFF clamps is published.


The first foreign branch, STAUFF Corporation, is founded in Hackensack, New Jersey, in the USA in 1972. In the following years, STAUFF USA is responsible not only for sales and distribution but also for manufacturing STAUFF clamps in North America.

In the same year, the partnership with Betty and Adrian Sanderson in the United Kingdom begins, initially through Singlehurst Hydraulics, and later resulting in the foundation of STAUFF UK.

At this time, the worldwide sales network already comprises 16 countries.


First consistent expansion of the product range by incorporating the development and manufacturing of plastic components such as tube conduits, tank fillers and filler breathers for hydraulic drive units, tanks and containers; still part of the STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories product group today.

Also: Expansion of the North American sales network with dealers on the West Coast and in the Chicago area.


Foundation of the foreign branch in the United Kingdom.


Foundation of the foreign branch in Australia.


Foundation of the foreign branch in France.

Procurement of the first electronic data processing unit TA 1000 from Triumph-Adler.


Further expansion of the product range by adding the development and manufacturing of test couplings, adaptors, test hose fittings and configured test hoses for hydraulic systems; still part of the STAUFF Test product group today.


Walter Stauffenberg KG moves to the current site in Werdohl Ehrenfeld; expansion of the production area.

Also: Introduction of the COMET inventory management system from Siemens-Nixdorf in Germany.


Expansion of the product range by adding the development and manufacturing of hydraulic filters, still part of the STAUFF Filtration Technology product group today.


Expansion of the product range by adding special-purpose plastic and metal clamps based on customer drawings or based on in-house development; still part of the STAUFF Clamps product group today.

Also: Procurement of the first personal computer.


Knut Menshen, the oldest son of Arnold Menshen, is appointed to STAUFF management.


Walter Stauffenberg KG changes its name and status to Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG.

Also:  Lutz Menshen, the younger son of Arnold Menshen, joins the family business.


Opening of a new production building for hydraulic filter elements at the Werdohl Ehrenfeld site.

Also: The German industrial standard DIN 3015 for STAUFF clamps in the Standard, Heavy and Twin Series is adopted.


Collaboration with 10 new dealers in the “new” German federal states.


First activities in the field of rail vehicle technology.


Official opening of the Clamp Bridge at the Werdohl Ehrenfeld site by Arnold Menshen.


Foundation of the foreign branches in China and Canada.

Also: Opening of the department for trading with turned parts of all types; still part of the company as the STAUFF System Technology department today. Introduction of the Baan-Triton inventory management system in Germany. Opening of a new high-bay warehouse at the Werdohl Ehrenfeld site. Lutz Menshen becomes a member of management of the group of companies.


First certification of Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG to ISO 9001.

Also: The welding workshop is moved to the Plettenberg Ohle site.


First Internet platform at


Foundation of the foreign branch in Brazil.

Also: First activities in the field of wind energy.


Foundation of the foreign branches in India and Italy.

Also: Introduction of the SAP R/3 inventory management system in Germany. Substantial expansion of the STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories product group. Foundation of LUKAD Holding by the Menshen partner family.


Restructuring of sales in Germany: Sales department for the STAUFF Filtration Technology product group is created.

Also: Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG merges with Menshen Container Service.


Clearing of the previous production and logistics building at the Werdohl Kalkofen site; opening of and move into the new logistics centre at the Neuenrade Küntrop site.

Also: Move into new office and laboratory building at the Werdohl Ehrenfeld site.


Jörg Deutz becomes a member of management of STAUFF in Germany. 

Also: The machining centres for STAUFF clamps are moved to the Plettenberg Ohle site.


Foundation of the foreign branches in Korea and Poland.

Also: Gradual expansion of the product range by adding flange clamps, split flange halves, flange adaptors and other accessories; still part of the STAUFF Flanges product group today. Opening of the STAUFF Bistro at the Werdohl Ehrenfeld site. Turned Parts department becomes System Technology: Milled, stamped and bending parts added to the turned parts product range. Arnold Menshen becomes an honorary citizen of Werdohl.


Foundation of the foreign branch in Russia.

Also: Arnold Menshen receives the Ring of Honour of Neuenrade.


First expansion of the logistics centre at the Neuenrade Küntrop site.


The standard surface for various metal parts in the STAUFF Clamps and STAUFF Test ranges is changed from yellow passivate to a zinc/nickel coating.

Also: First certification of Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Gradual expansion of the product range with digital hydraulic testers for monitoring hydraulic systems (pressure, temperature, volumetric flow, frequencies and speed) and for analysing the condition and contamination of hydraulic liquids; still part of the STAUFF Diagtronics product range today. 


Foundation of the foreign branch in Malaysia.

Also: Global harmonisation of the product range and first publication of the STAUFF ONE main catalogue. STAUFF valves and ball valves become part of the globally unified product range and are now available across all STAUFF sites. Another expansion of the logistics centre at the Neuenrade Küntrop site. STAUFF starts offering its products to selected customers through its own online shop.


Arnold Menshen passes away on 23 December at the age of 85.

Also: Foundation of the foreign branch in Vietnam. A technology centre is built at the Werdohl Ehrenfeld site.


Foundation of the foreign branch in Thailand.

Also: Acquisition of a share in VOLZ Gruppe GmbH in Deilingen, a market-leading manufacturer of tube connectors, hose fittings and adaptors, primary made of stainless steel. STAUFF Germany is awarded the seal of quality as an “Outstanding training company” for the first time.


Another expansion of the logistics centre at the Neuenrade Küntrop site.


Market launch of tube connectors and accessories in the Stauff Connect range, including suitable assembly machines.

Also: Takeover of VOSWINKEL GmbH in Meinerzhagen, a market-leading manufacturer of quick release couplings, hose fittings and tubes for hydraulics. Carsten Krenz becomes a member of management of STAUFF in Germany.


Knut Menshen retires from the operating business. His younger brother Lutz Menshen, Jörg Deutz and Dr Matthias Papenfuß take over management of the STAUFF Group. 


First certification of Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG to ISO 50001.

Also: Market launch of the Stauff Form tube forming system. Helmut Ahrens returns from his work for STAUFF in China and becomes a member of management of STAUFF in Germany.


The companies of the STAUFF Group generate consolidated external sales of more than 250 million EUR for the first time.

Also: STAUFF and VOSWINKEL combine sales, logistics and development and form a joint operation. Production of tube connectors using state-of-the-art rotary transfer machines at the Werdohl Ehrenfeld site starts. Expansion of the logistics centre at the Neuenrade Küntrop site. Start of the “Fit with STAUFF” health programme for employees of STAUFF Germany. The STAUFF LINER; the mobile presentation and demonstration vehicle of the STAUFF Group, starts operating. The Chambers of Industry and Commerce in South Westphalia confirm: STAUFF is a world market leader in the field of tube and hose mounting for hydraulic systems.


Brand changeover: After an in-depth market analysis, VOSWINKEL products are gradually changed over to the STAUFF brand.

Also: The online benefit program for employees of STAUFF Germany is launched. STAUFF assembly machines for tube connectors from the STAUFF Connect range as well as STAUFF Form tube forming machines can now be equipped with cloud access. The functional division STAUFF Digital is formed. Launch of the individually tailored career programs “STAUFF Way to Lead”, “STAUFF Way to Sell” and “STAUFF Way to Specialise” for employees of STAUFF Germany. The guiding principle "Contributing to your success" replaces the previously used slogan "Local solutions for individual customers worldwide".


The STAUFF Digital functional division moves into new premises at the Phoenixwerk in Dortmund Hörde.

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the first of several global live streams comes from the TV studio set up especially for this purpose. The objective: providing employees of STAUFF in Germany and the worldwide branches with the best possible information about the current situation of the company as well as conducting virtual product and sales training sessions.

Configured tubes and assemblies for mechanical engineering and automotive manufacturing as well as soldered connectors and distributors for hydraulic systems are now manufactured at the new site on the Rottland industrial estate in Meinerzhagen.

The new as a one-stop shop for line components and other hydraulic accessories is launched: Commercial customers in Germany and selected foreign markets supported from Germany can now order STAUFF products directly online without delays.

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