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STAUFF: Now – virtual training

From now on, STAUFF offers a wide-ranging training area with STAUFF: Now, in addition to all the components, systems and services. Register for a STAUFF: Live event, exchange ideas with other experts from the industry and find suitable training and further education - from hydraulics basics to STAUFF products.


What are the benefits of STAUFF: Now?
  • If you would like to participate in a livestream, book your free ticket
  • If you would like to attend an e-learning course, simply shop on the STAUFF product page
  • Find out more about current events at STAUFF: Space

STAUFF - Your Premium Partner in Hydraulics

Quality Manufacturer
Quality Manufacturer
Development, manufacturing and logistics in Germany
Premium Offer
Premium Offer
Products in uniformly high, coordinated quality
Project Partner
Project Partner
Experience and know-how from planning to implementation
Global Network
Global Network
Availability and service in all industrial regions


News from STAUFF

Latest product news, business and company news as well as other general news from the STAUFF Group

Personal hydraulics training and more with STAUFF: Now

With the STAUFF: Now approach for individual personal online training and further education, STAUFF offers you a fast, simple and direct access to professionally prepared training material and targeted training content on a constantly growing number of topics and focuses in the fields of hydraulics and fluid technology from your office desk or workplace at home.

This includes product-specific e-learnings, for example on topics such as fastening technology, connection technology, measurement technology or filtration technology, as well as training modules and courses on hydraulics basics - both from STAUFF: University. These trainings are available 24/7 at competitive conditions in the online shop. After completing an online course, participants receive a formal confirmation as proof of qualification for their own records.

STAUFF: Live extends the STAUFF: Now training and information programme with regular public digital and interactive information events, livestreams and webinars for employees, customers, users and other interested persons. Specific questions and problems are discussed as well as general basic topics relating to signal, power and energy transmission with hydraulic fluids. Independent experts from industry and science will also speak at these events.

In STAUFF: Space, you and your colleagues can already participate in the virtual meetings, conferences and events of the future.

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