Legal Notice

Information provider identification in accordance with § 5 of the German Telemedia Act (Telemediengesetz, TMG) and according to § 18, Section 2 of the German State Media Act (Medienstaatsvertrag, MStV) 

STAUFF Deutschland

Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG

Business Address
Im Ehrenfeld 4
58791 Werdohl

Contact Information
Telephone: +49 23 92 / 916 0
Telefax: +49 23 92 / 916 103

General Management (STAUFF Group)
Jörg Deutz (Chief Executive Officer)
Lutz Menshen (Managing Partner)
Dr. Dominik F. P. Joachim (Member of the Managing Director Board)

General Management (STAUFF Germany)
Helmut Ahrens (Chief Executive Officer)
Carsten Krenz (Technical General Manager)

Legal Form
Limited partnership (Kommanditgesellschaft) under German law

Liable Shareholder
Knut Menshen GmbH, Werdohl (HRB 5265, Amtsgericht Iserlohn)

Commercial Registries
HRA 3683, Amtsgericht Iserlohn    
DUNS Number: 31-568-5123

Value-Added Tax VAT Identification Number
DE 123 845 134

Tax Number

WEEE Registration Number
DE 29 78 43 27

Responsible for the journalistic and editorial content according to
§ 18, Section 2 of the German State Media Act (Medienstaatsvertrag, MStV) 

Boris Mette
Head of Marketing Communications

Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG
Im Ehrenfeld 4
58791 Werdohl

Legal Notice

This Internet presence is operated by Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG (hereinafter: “we”). 

This legal notice regulates the use of our websites. In specific cases, compliance with further regulations might be mandatory, for instance, when accessing websites which are only available to registered users. In such cases, you will find additional notes at the appropriate points.

1. Use of our websites

You are authorised to view, store and download the content of our websites for private or journalistic purposes.

Any reproduction, distribution and/or publication of the content for other purposes is subject to our prior written approval.

If our approval is granted, use is free of charge, whereby the following copyright note is to be affixed in a clearly visible and legible form:


Any other use is prohibited. This applies in particular to any modification and processing of the content or parts of it.

This legal notice is kept up to date. Consequently the legal notice may need to be amended in line with any modified objective or statutory circumstances. Use of our websites constitutes acceptance of the legal notice applicable at that time.

Any infringement of the stipulations set out in this legal notice imposes an obligation to desist from such acts and to rectify the consequences, that is, the respective acts of use must be ceased and any copies destroyed. We reserve the right to enforce further claims, in particular claims for damages.

2. Intellectual property rights

The content that can be accessed on our websites is protected by copyright. This applies in particular to the structure of the websites in terms of their content as well as to any texts, photographs, audio/video files and databases.

The product names and get-ups used on our websites may be, inter alia, protected by trademark and/or competition law. This applies to the company logos and trademarks in particular. Our products may also be subject to further protection, such as design rights, utility model rights or patent rights.

Any culpable unauthorised use of our websites, product names, get-ups or products constitutes an infringement of copyright, trademark rights, competition rights or any other intellectual property rights.

3. Liability for own content

Our liability, irrespective of the legal cause, for any damages arising out of or in connection with the use of our websites shall be limited to damages caused by us or our vicarious agents intentionally or by gross negligence or – in the event of injury to life, limb or health – by slight negligence. The amount of liability resulting from a slightly negligent breach of any material contractual duties shall be limited to typical and foreseeable damages. This is without prejudice to any liability under the Product Liability Act.

The above limitation on liability also applies to the operation of the websites and the downloading of content. Please ensure that you have adequate virus protection prior to downloading files and information.

4. Liability for third-party content

Our websites may contain links to websites operated by third parties (“Third-Party Websites”). Moreover, chats may be installed on our websites in which third parties express their opinion on various topics (“Third-Party Postings”).

We bear no responsibility for the content of the Third-Party Websites and Third-Party Postings and expressly distance ourselves from such content.

If we become aware that any Third-Party Websites or Third-Party Postings infringe any statutory provisions or third-party rights, we will remove the link or delete the respective posting made in the chat insofar as this is possible in legal and technical terms.

In this respect, we would appreciate any relevant information provided by you.

Uploading illegal material or material infringing any third-party rights in chats installed on our websites is prohibited. This applies in particular to defamatory, disparaging, offensive or pornographic material.

5. Use of third third parties' trademarks

STAUFF is a registered trademark and is partially used on this website without an additional trademark notice.

Online dispute resolution

We would like to point out that, in addition to ordinary legal recourse, disputes may also be settled out of court in accordance with Regulation (EU) 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013 on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes. Details can be found in Regulation (EU) 524/2013 at Our e.-mail address is In accordance with § 36 VSBG, we point out that we are not obliged to participate in an out-of-court dispute resolution procedure before a consumer arbitration body.

(Last updated: 18.9.2020)