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Bureau Veritas

Testing, inspection and certification company renews approval for diagnostic test couplings, test hoses and further accessories from the STAUFF Test range

Product Specialist for Measuring and Analysis Technology

Product Specialist for Measuring and Analysis Technology

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Product News

The globally active testing, inspection and certification company Bureau Veritas with headquarters in Paris, France updated the existing certification of measuring equipment from the STAUFF Test range in July 2020 and extended it for a period of five years.

The certificate covers the use of diagnostic test couplings with integrated ball valves (SMK) and poppel valves (SKK), test hoses and further accessories made from carbon steel and stainless steel in the following series:

  • STAUFF Test 20 with connection thread M16x2
  • STAUFF Test 15 with connection thread M16x1,5
  • STAUFF Test 12 with connection thread M12,65x1,5

It confirms that the listed products fully meet the specifications and requirements of the Bureau Veritas for use on sea ships and offshore units.

The newly issued certificate is now valid until 23 July 2025.

Test couplings from the STAUFF Test range are already planned during the design phase of a machine and installed in suitable positions in the hydraulic system at the factory. They allow machine operators and maintenance personnel to easily and safely connect analogue and digital measuring and display devices for the temporary or continuous testing of system pressure and other factors. In addition to flow, pressure is without doubt the most relevant parameter and measuring factor in hydraulics. Measuring system pressure is therefore the most important and most frequently used method for monitoring, controlling and preventive service and maintenance of hydraulically operated machines and systems. It is the prerequisite for their economical operation. If required, test couplings also allow venting of the system and collection of representative fluid samples, e.g. for analysing the degree of contamination of the fluid. This type of connection requires no tools and can also be carried out during operation under full system pressure up to 630 bar (depending on the type of coupling).

The check valve (ball or poppet valve) integrated into the test coupling opens only after connection of the hydraulic tester with suitable adapters or hoses. This guarantees safe sealing of the connection without leakages and danger of fluids escaping from the system. In contrast to the products from other manufacturers, STAUFF test couplings are not crimped after insertion of the internal valve components and seals but rather closed with a threaded nipple in an automated process. Not only does this design contribute to maximum precision and process reliability in production, it also secures the proper functioning of the coupling after many years of use. The vibration protection, which prevents a self-acting detachment of the protective metal cap through vibrations in the system, is another advantage.

For the finishing of the test coupling range in carbon steel, STAUFF relies on the zinc/nickel surface coating which has proven successful for many years. It provides more than 1,200 hours of resistance against red rust/base metal corrosion in the salt spray chamber in line with DIN EN ISO 9227. The chromium(VI)-free coating therefore exceeds the highest requirements with regard to resistance and durability and also complies with the valid ELV, REACH and RoHS guidelines. Versions in stainless steel V2A and V4A are generally available from stock. Alternative materials and surfaces are available on request.