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Expansion of Production

The second of several planned CNC turning centres for flexible production of tube connectors starts operation

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With the second of several planned CNC turning centres for the flexible production of tube connectors from forged blanks, STAUFF is expanding its existing machinery at the Werdohl Ehrenfeld site as a reaction to the increased demand for hydraulic tube connectors from the STAUFF Connect range.  

The state-of-the-art, fully automated system, which was successfully commissioned in September 2020, machines steel blanks into elbow and tee connectors in all common sizes and designs.

A six figure euro sum was invested in procuring and commissioning this turning centre, which was designed for small and medium batch sizes of hydraulic tube connectors. In addition to manufacturing standard parts from the product catalogue, it also allows the production of customer-specific and application-specific product variants, e.g. with different connection threads, in custom lengths or stepped sizes, at economical prices.

STAUFF operates rotary transfer machines at this site to allow for significantly larger batch sizes. Thanks to the individually programmable CNC control of these machines, fully automatic clamping of the blanks, removal of finished parts and ease of access to machining stations for short set-up times and rapid tool changes, production processes are optimised and a constantly high product quality is guaranteed.

The STAUFF Connect product sector closely follows the requirements of the market and comprises a comprehensive range of metric steel tube connectors for common outer tube diameters between 4 and 42 mm as per ISO 8434-1/DIN 2353:

  • 24° cutting ring fittings
  • 24° fittings with taper/O-ring
  • 24° weld cones with O-ring
  • 37° flared tube fittings

The product range is completed by check and alternating valves for direct tube installation, thread reducers, fastening components and other accessories.

Custom designs and sizes as well as alternative materials, material combinations and surfaces are available on request.

Automated assembly machines and wear resistant tools for manual installation allow reliable installation of tube connectors in the workshop or at the construction site.

With its versatile and flexible application options, the patented Stauff Form tube forming system is the best solution for serial processing of tube connectors in applications where the highest requirements for safety, reliability, stability and reproducibility apply.

For manufacturing its range of steel tube connectors and accessories, STAUFF consistently relies on the long proven zinc/nickel finish. This surface coating offers reliable corrosion protection that goes far beyond existing market standards and meets all applicable statutory requirements.

The second of several planned CNC turning centres for flexible manufacturing of tube connectors from forged blanks in small and medium batch sizes.

In addition to manufacturing standard parts from the product catalogue, customer-specific and application-specific product variants – like the special fitting shown here – can be produced at economically viable prices.

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