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Commissioning of Tube Beader

Further investment into the production of ready-to-install hydraulic tubes

Product Specialist for Pipework and Systems

Product Specialist for Pipework and Systems

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Product News

Due to the rising demand for the processing of straight and manipulated tube with a beaded end connection, STAUFF UK Ltd. has invested into another state-of-the-art production machine that was recently put into operation at the Sheffield (United Kingdom) site.

By cold forming, the machine is capable of producing tube ends with circumferential beads. The processing is carried out according to market standards or based on individual customer specifications. The beading machine provides a high degree of precision and speed.

Depending on the material and diameter, tubes with a diameter of up to 6 inches, i.e. more than 150 millimeters, can be processed.

Beading provides, among other things, a way to connect a hydraulic hose with a tube end.

      Manipulated Pipes / Tubes

      Production of ready-to-install hydraulic pipes and tubes made in virtually all shapes, lengths and materials

      The companies of the STAUFF Group and their authorised system partners offer original equipment manufacturers in the fields of mobile and industrial hydraulics the following services with regards to the production and further processing of ready-to-install hydraulic pipes and tubes:

      • Automatically controlled and monitored bending of seamless precision tubes made of carbon steel (Zistaplex®, Zista® Seal, zinc plated, phosphated, untreated), stainless steel, copper and various special materials in a large variety a common metric tube diameters and wall thicknesses and lengths up to 6 metre
      • Automatically controlled and monitored assembly of cutting rings and union nuts 
      • Tube end forming with STAUFF Form and other common systems
      • Inductive soldering, brazing as well as WIG, MIG and MAG welding for non-positive connections
      • Testing according to standard or customer’s specification

      • Cleaning to achieve specific cleanliness levels and specifications

      • Sealing and protecting the tube ends and other connections

      Global Center of Excellence

      With its headquarters located in Sheffield (United Kingdom), STAUFF UK Ltd. forms the Global Center of Excellence for tube manipulation within the STAUFF Group. For almost 30 years, the design of complex pipework systems and the  manufacturing and processing of tubes in accordance with customer requirements has been part of the daily business of the specialists on site.

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