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Handover of Electric Vehicles at STAUFF

STAUFF and the other companies in the LUKAD Holding are gradually integrating fully electric and hybrid-powered vehicles into their fleets.

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"By using electrically powered vehicles, we are making a voluntary contribution to reducing CO2 emissions in our region," said Jörg Deutz, Chief Executive Officer of STAUFF Group and LUKAD Holding. The decision for the project was made here in spring 2020. "Using e-vehicles currently makes sense primarily for the short distances between our plants and offices in South Westphalia," said Jörg Deutz. After a concept had been developed for all LUKAD Holding companies located in this geographical region of Germany, it was time for implementation. Among other things, the charging infrastructure had to be planned and built, and the provision of the necessary capacity on site had to be clarified. "Buying a few cars is by no means enough," explains Lutz Menshen, Member of the Shareholder Family and Managing Director. "Of course, we also have to ensure that our e-fleet can be charged at all locations in line with demand."

A total of ten charging stations, each with two connections, were built at several locations of the LUKAD companies in Werdohl, Meinerzhagen and Finnentrop with local civil engineering companies. Local service providers were also commissioned with the electrical installation and the labeling of stations and vehicles.

First vehicles - first steps

Currently, seven exclusively electrically driven vehicles are already in use at STAUFF and the companies of LUKAD Holding. Further vehicles have been ordered, and by mid-2021, around 20 fully electric or hybrid-powered vehicles are to be in use in the group of companies. "Based on the experience we are gaining in the introductory phase, we will successively integrate more e-mobility into our fleet," explains Lutz Menshen. This will also require greater investment in infrastructure in the future, which can be used by customers and other business contacts visiting the premises in addition to the company's own vehicles.

Chief Executive Officer Jörg Deutz: "We will continue to expand our commitment to lower CO2 emissions from our companies step by step. As a family-run group of companies, we assume responsibility for a sustainable economy. We are convinced that medium-sized companies must and can make an important contribution to this."