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Re-Organisation of the Product Range

Production of STAUFF hose connectors with block stop feature will be discontinued

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Product News

We have re-organised our product range of hydraulic hose connectors in carbon steel with female metric thread and 24° taper / O-ring and combined articles with similar functionality.

We will continue to supply the DKO ... L (Light Series) and DKO ... S (Heavy Series) versions in unmodified form. These versions have been the accepted market standard for years.

Until further notice, we will stop manufacturing and supplying the DKOB ... L (Light Series) and DKOB ... S (Heavy Series) versions with the so-called block-stop feature. These variants have not been able to establish themselves on the market in the long term, also due to the comparatively higher usage of materials in production.

From now on, we will automatically replace incoming orders as follows:

  • DKOB … L 0° will be replaced by DKO … L 0°
  • DKOB … L 45° will be replaced by DKO… L 45°
  • DKOB … L 90° will be replaced by DKO… L 90°
  • DKOB … S 0° will be replaced by DKO …S 0°
  • DKOB … S 45° will be replaced by DKO …S 45°
  • DKOB … S 90° will be replaced by DKO …S 90°
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