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Two-Tone Colour Marking Rings for STAUFF Quick Release Couplings

Allowing the quick and correct matching of hydraulic lines

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Product News

Already in June 2021, STAUFF introduced Colour Marking Rings for STAUFF Quick Release Couplings, to allow the quick and correct matching of hydraulic lines.

If multiple identical or similar types and sizes of hydraulic quick couplings are used in a vehicle, machine or system, there is a risk of confusion when connecting the individual coupling components.

As a one-tone colour marking may not be sufficient depending on the requirement, STAUFF offers the possibility of extended color marking for male tips and female bodies of STAUFF Quick Release Couplings with two-tone colour marking rings. This further simplifies the quick and correct assignment of hydraulic lines to each other.

Initially, STAUFF offers the two-tone colour marking rings on request for the following series:

  • Flat-face push-to-connect couplings
    of the QRC-FF series
  • Push-to-connect couplings with poppet valve
    of the QRC-HP series
  • Screw-to-connect couplings with poppet valve
    of the QRC-HS series 
  • Flat-face pipeline couplings
    of the QRC-RH series 

    Successive introduction of two-tone colour marking rings for additional series is planned for the future.

Further Information in the STAUFF Product Catalogue

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