Article in the 'Konstruktionspraxis'

"Initial Cleanliness in Hydraulics"

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Foreign particles in oil can damage hydraulic systems. Manufacturer STAUFF guarantees a particularly high level of component cleanliness and a maximum particle size of 500 μm without surcharge. How do they achieve this?

The more complex machines and systems grow, the more important the cleanliness of the operating fluid becomes for the optimum functioning of the hydraulic system. This also concerns cleanliness before startup, also referred to as initial or technical cleanliness. Originating from the automotive industry, this is now being discussed throughout the mechanical engineering sector and implemented with varying degrees of consistency.

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"Initial Cleanliness in Hydraulics"
Article in the 05/2024 Issue of the German Trade Magazine 'Konstruktionspraxis'
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"Initiale Sauberkeit in der Hydraulik"
Beitrag in der Ausgabe 05/2024 des deutschen Fachmagazins 'Konstruktionspraxis'
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