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Product Spotlight 04/2021

Heavy-duty screw-to-connect couplings for the challenging requirements of the demolition industry

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STAUFF heavy-duty screw-to-connect couplings in the QRC-PS series have been proven to be the best choice for hydraulic breaker and hammer apprikations in the demolition industry.

They have been designed to withstand

  • high oil flow,
  • intense pressure impulses,
  • extreme vibration and
  • severe operating conditions.

Design Features

  • Hydraulic screw-to-connect coupling eliminating the risk of ‚brinelling‘ 
  • Patented poppet valve unit with fully enclosed/chambered sealings eliminating the risk of extrusion faults
  • Once fully connected all internal components are held rigid, significantly reducing the risk of material fatigue
  • Double-shut off action to minimise fluid spillage
  • Bi-directional flow
  • Can be connected at 50 bar maximum residual pressure (tools required)
  • Coupling made from carbon steel with Zinc/Nickel surface coating
  • Sealings made from HNBR, FKM (Viton®), PTFE
  • Extra safe design containing a locking pin / clip

Performance Data

  • Maximum working pressure: 380 bar
    • tested with +33% safety at 504 bar
  • Burst pressures:
    • coupled: 1520 bar
    • female body: 1520 bar 
    • male tip: 1520 bar
  • Maximum flow rate: 600 l/min
    • short term: 1000 l/min 
  • Working temperature: -20°C … +150°C 

Typical Applications

The QRC-PS series, which is a unique product only offered by STAUFF in the market, has been successfully used in high-reach demolition (HRD) excavators of a leading international OEM for more than 10 years.

HRD excavators are built to reach a building’s highest stories. They can extend as high as 50 meters and are capable of taking down a 10-story building. Without high-reach excavators, demolition contractors would have to put machines on top of structures and work their way down. They also excel at precision demolition in tight spaces.

Due to their size, the booms of HRD excavators are usually fully detachable for transportation purposes, which requires quick couplings in various positions.

Typical applications also include medium and large excavators (operating weight of 20+ metric tonnes) with hydraulic attachments that typically require large oil flows at intense pressure impulses, generate (or are exposed to) extreme vibration and are used in severe operating conditions, such as:

  • Breakers / hammers

  • Steel / concrete shears

  • Crusher buckets

  • Sorting grapples / claws

  • Compactors

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