Replacement Filter Element Spin-On Filter Cartridge Micron Rating: 10 µm Material: Filter Paper Outer Diameter (mm): 132 Length (mm): 180 Sealing: NBR, β ratio >2


STAUFF Material No. 1910000441
List Price
€30.86 (per piece) tax and shipping costs may apply. Note for stainless steel products only: The prices on the day of delivery of the goods apply. We reserve the right to adjust these prices according to the price development on the raw material markets.

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SFC57/58 - SFCT57/58
Filter Element
Sealing Material
Micron Rating (µm)
Filter Material
Filter Paper
Gross Weight
1.253 kg
Country of Origin
Customs tariff number
Below we list the saleable assembly components. Please note that the full functionality of a self-configured assembly cannot be guaranteed.
Product Image
Spin-On Filter Element Filter Paper 10 µm Plain Canister
Material No.
Required Quantity
1 piece
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