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New Screw-to-Connect Coupling for Rescue Hydraulics from STAUFF

Reliable high-pressure connection of rescue equipment with the powerpack

Product Specialist for Pipe, Tube and Hose Connectors

Product Specialist for Pipe, Tube and Hose Connectors

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The revised QRC-HH screw-to-connect coupling for pressures up to 650 bar, which STAUFF now presents as a new product, features, among other things, a highly effective, zinc-nickel-based corrosion protection coating. It was developed for rescue hydraulics, but can also be used in industrial applications, e.g. for clamping tools.

When hydraulic rescue equipment is used, a fast and reliable connection to the powerpack is a must. This equipment works with pressures which are significantly higher than in conventional industrial and mobile hydraulics.

For this demanding application, STAUFF offers the threaded couplings from the QRC-HH series, which is now available in an upgraded version. The couplings are now coated with the zinc-nickel corrosion protection which has already proven successful as the standard corrosion protection at STAUFF.

The coating offers maximum resistance to red rust/base metal corrosion in practical application and exceeds even the highest requirements of corrosion protection class K5, which are defined in VDMA standards sheet 24576 for tube connections. The high ductility of the coating is the prerequisite for the above-average wear protection under high mechanical strain.

The coupling is suitable for operating pressures up to 650 bar (depending on the nominal size) and is manufactured in sizes from DN 10 to DN 51. In addition to the steel version, stainless steel versions are also available. The maximum rated flow for the largest nominal size is 757 l/min. Coupling and releasing is also possible under residual pressure.

The coding is a feature which will be appreciated in particular by safety-conscious rescue services. It allows quick identification and traceability of the QRC-HH couplings. The high safety factor of the coupling is also typical for STAUFF: The bursting pressure is at least four times the operating pressure.

STAUFF has another product in its range for manufacturers of hydraulic rescue equipment requiring detachable lines for high-pressure hydraulic systems: The QRC-HI series can be used where pressure levels above 650 bar are required. It is tested for operating pressures up to 1000 bar, while still remaining extraordinarily compact and light.

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