Production Site Meinerzhagen Neugrünenthal

The STAUFF site in Meinerzhagen Neugrünenthal manufactures quick release couplings for hydraulic systems as well as an extensive range of hose fittings, especially for high-pressure applications.

STAUFF Meinerzhagen


Production Site Meinerzhagen Neugrünenthal

Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG

58540 Meinerzhagen

With the manufacturing and assembly plant in Meinerzhagen Neugrünenthal, STAUFF is regarded as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of quick release couplings for hydraulic systems today. The facility of Voswinkel GmbH, part of STAUFF Germany as a subsidiary since the takeover in April 2015, also manufactures an extensive range of hydraulic hose fittings, especially for high-pressure applications.

Immediately after production, the standard steel products from the Meinerzhagen factory usually undergo additional processing steps at one of the surrounding galvanising partner shops, before the articles are packaged and stored at the Neuenrade Küntrop logistics centre, ready for selling and shipping, or sent directly to customers around the world.

Meinerzhagen Neugrünenthal is also home to the functional division for sales and procurement of STAUFF in Germany.

The factory is in a convenient infrastructure location close to the A45 motorway (Meinerzhagen junction). Dedicated visitors’ parking is provided directly in front of the building.

Important information on suppliers, forwarders and other logistics service providers with respect to collecting and delivering goods can be found in the STAUFF logistics guidelines.

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