Logistics Centre Neuenrade Küntrop

The STAUFF logistics centre on the Küntrop industrial estate in Neuenrade ensures the shortest possible order turnaround times and offers maximum capacity and flexibility in terms of delivery quality and adherence to delivery dates.

STAUFF Neuenrade


Logistics Centre Neuenrade Küntrop

Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG

Wasserburgstraße 35
58809 Neuenrade

Only a few minutes by car from the headquarters of the company in Werdohl, on the Küntrop industrial estate in Neuenrade, the STAUFF logistics centre was opened on 1 April 2002 and subsequently expanded several times. 

The partially automated heart of STAUFF logistics on the European mainland features an automatic small-parts storage for more than 55,000 plastic containers as well as an automatic high-bay warehouse for more than 10,500 Euro pallets or pallet cages. This ensures the shortest possible order turnaround times with maximum capacity and flexibility with respect to delivery quality and adherence to delivery dates. A manual storage section, e.g. for large goods, completes the logistical options at the site.

At peak times, over 1,000 tonnes of material in the form of approximately 9,000 individual deliveries are preapared and sent out each month.

In addition to picking and packing at twelve workstations optimised for this purpose, the Neuenrade Küntrop site also handles the finishing and assembly of selected components. The dispatch office and the central customs office are also located here.

The logistics centre also creates the basis for the use of delivery models individually coordinated with the customers:

  • Optimally selected supply schedules and volumes
  • Individual packaging units
  • Customer-specific marking and signing of parts, packaging and load carriers
  • Warehousing of customised components
  • Kanban logistics
  • Just-in-time delivery of components, systems, units and modules to the assembly lines of the customers or their suppliers by using specially designed load carriers)

The site is also home to the shipping office and the central customs office.

The logistics centre is not far from the main road B229 connecting Neuenrade and Balve. Dedicated visitors’ parking is provided directly in front of the building.

Important information on suppliers, forwarders and other logistics service providers with respect to collecting and delivering goods can be found in the STAUFF logistics guidelines.

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