Head Office STAUFF Germany and Ehrenfeld Production Site

The Ehrenfeld factory on the outskirts of Werdohl develops, manufactures and assembles a number of different original STAUFF products. It is also the headquarters of STAUFF in Germany.

STAUFF Werdohl


Head Office STAUFF Germany

Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG

Im Ehrenfeld 4
58791 Werdohl

Since the early 1980s, a number of different original STAUFF products have been manufactured and assembled at the Ehrenfeld 4 site in Werdohl. In addition to replacement filter elements for hydraulic systems and other areas, the site in particular produces tube connectors, connecting elements and accessories from the STAUFF Connect series, as well as test couplings, fittings, adaptors and configured test hoses from the STAUFF Test product group. 

Immediately after production, the standard steel products from the Werdohl Ehrenfeld factory usually undergo additional processing steps at one of the surrounding galvanising partner shops, before the articles are stored at the Neuenrade Küntrop logistics centre, packaged and ready for shipping, or sent directly to customers around the world.

Werdohl Ehrenfeld is the headquarters of STAUFF in Germany and is home to management as well as to the functional divisions for administration, sales, marketing, customer service, finance and controlling, quality management as well as research, development and design, and the STAUFF System Technology division.

The research laboratory, which was expanded to over 800 square metres in 2018, is the heart of research, development and design at this site. The modern equipment available there plays a crucial role, in particular for optimising existing products, developing of new solutions, implementing customer-specific test criteria and obtaining approvals and certifications from independent institutes, facilities and agencies.

The factory is in a convenient infrastructure location close to the B229 main road connecting Werdohl and Lüdenscheid. The A45 motorway (Lüdenscheid junction) can be reached in just a few minutes. Dedicated visitors’ parking is provided directly in front of the building.

Important information on suppliers, forwarders and other logistics service providers with respect to collecting and delivering goods can be found in the STAUFF logistics guidelines.

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