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Current information on the security of gas and electricity supply of STAUFF Germany

STAUFF Werdohl


Head Office STAUFF Germany

Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG

Im Ehrenfeld 4
58791 Werdohl

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According to gas suppliers and network operators, STAUFF Germany (with headquarters in Werdohl and several production plants and the logistics center in the German region of South-Westphalia) is one of the protected consumers and therefore does not pose any direct risk to customers and suppliers in the supply chain.

Furthermore, STAUFF only uses heating gas.

STAUFF Germany works closely with suppliers and service providers to determine their protection status and has introduced appropriate risk mitigation measures in the supply chain. These include safety stocks and minimum ranges at all relevant suppliers, the development of new and gas-independent suppliers as well as the build-up of safety stocks at all production levels.

Plants of STAUFF Germany