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Collapse Control Mandrels

Test mandrels in a convenient kit for easy checking of the correct insert collapse on press-fitted hose connectors. For checking and ensuring functional capability. Suitable for the ECOVOS and MULTIVOS systems in combination with hose types as per EN 853, EN 856, EN 856, EN 857, SAE 100 R13 and SAE 100 R15. Convenient tool for your workshop. Established in the market for many years as an original Voswinkel product.

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  • STAUFF Material Description HCI-DOR-06
  • STAUFF Material No. 6100116925
  • STAUFF Material Description HCI-DOR-0651
  • STAUFF Material No. 6100116926
  • STAUFF Material Description HCI-DOR-10
  • STAUFF Material No. 6100116927
  • STAUFF Material Description HCI-DOR-12
  • STAUFF Material No. 6100116928
  • STAUFF Material Description HCI-DOR-16
  • STAUFF Material No. 6100116929
  • STAUFF Material Description HCI-DOR-19
  • STAUFF Material No. 6100116930
  • STAUFF Material Description HCI-DOR-25
  • STAUFF Material No. 6100116931
  • STAUFF Material Description HCI-DOR-31
  • STAUFF Material No. 6100116932
  • STAUFF Material Description HCI-DOR-38
  • STAUFF Material No. 6100116933
  • STAUFF Material Description HCI-DOR-51
  • STAUFF Material No. 6100116934
  • STAUFF Material Description HCS-DOR-0625
  • STAUFF Material No. 6100116914
  • STAUFF Material Description HCS-DOR-10
  • STAUFF Material No. 6100116916

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