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Is Your Hydraulic System Breathing Properly?

Miniseries on the STAUFF Blog


Due to the nature of hydraulics to allow movement, the fluid level in hydraulic reservoirs needs to rise and fall with demand. The so-called 'breathing' required for this during normal operation can contain harmful dust and debris, which will mix with the fluid and cause damage in the hydraulic system. Contamination is the main cause of hydraulic system failures and can significantly reduce the product life span.

If water enters the hydraulic reservoir (e.g. through a standard particle breather), this can have unwanted consequences as it accelerates the ageing of the fluid, causes corrosion of metallic surfaces and wear on moving surfaces. Desiccant breathers from STAUFF can provide a solution here and significantly reduce the ingress of moisture into the hydraulic system.

Further information on the use of desiccant breathers is provided in the new STAUFF miniseries, which was launched in the STAUFF Blog today.