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Metal Clamps according to DIN 3567 Form A

Metal pipe clamp with tension clearance (DIN 3567-A). Version for two bolts. One metal pipe clamp consists of two clamp halves. Hexagon head bolts and hexagon head nuts are not included. Complete clamps are also available. For common diameters of between 20 and 521 millimetres. Manufactured from uncoated steel or hot-dip galvanised steel. Alternatively also available in stainless steel V4A 1.4401 / 1.4571 (AISI 316 / 316 Ti). Fixing of tubes and other components to steel beams, profiles and brackets

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  • STAUFF Material Description DIN3567-A-108-W1
  • STAUFF Mat. No. 1120003075
  • STAUFF Material Description DIN3567-A-108-W1-COMPL
  • STAUFF Mat. No. 1110023684
  • STAUFF Material Description DIN3567-A-108-W40
  • STAUFF Mat. No. 1120003106
  • STAUFF Material Description DIN3567-A-115-W1
  • STAUFF Mat. No. 1120003076
  • STAUFF Material Description DIN3567-A-115-W1-COMPL
  • STAUFF Mat. No. 1110024306
  • STAUFF Material Description DIN3567-A-115-W40
  • STAUFF Mat. No. 1120003107
  • STAUFF Material Description DIN3567-A-115-W5
  • STAUFF Mat. No. 1120004340
  • STAUFF Material Description DIN3567-A-133-W1
  • STAUFF Mat. No. 1120003077
  • STAUFF Material Description DIN3567-A-133-W40
  • STAUFF Mat. No. 1120003108
  • STAUFF Material Description DIN3567-A-140-W1
  • STAUFF Mat. No. 1120003078
  • STAUFF Material Description DIN3567-A-140-W40
  • STAUFF Mat. No. 1120003109
  • STAUFF Material Description DIN3567-A-159-W1
  • STAUFF Mat. No. 1120003079

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