STAUFF Manipulated Pipes and Tubes

STAUFF Manipulated Pipes and Tubes

Custom pipe and tube assemblies made from carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials


Pipe and Tube Manipulation from STAUFF

As part of the so-called STAUFF Line approach, the companies of the STAUFF Group are able to supply their customers (such as original equipment manufacturers across various industries as well as distributors, installation companies and service providers that are part of the supply chain of these manufacturers) with customised and ready-to-install assemblies made from manipulated pipes and tubes in carbon steel (Zistaplex®, Zista® Seal, zinc plated, phosphated, untreated), stainless steel, copper and various special materials in a large variety a common metric tube diameters and wall thicknesses and lengths up to 6 metre.

If you have requirements for custom pipe and tube assemblies, please use the contact form below to get in touch with STAUFF.

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STAUFF Product Newsletters

STAUFF Product Newsletters

The STAUFF product newsletters provide information on relevant product-related news by e-mail at infrequent intervals, but not more often than once a month for each selected product segment.

Currently, newsletters are provided in five product segments, which can be subscribed to separately:

  • Pipe, Tube and Hose Clamps
  • Tube Connectors, Flanges, Hose Connectors, Quick Couplings
  • Test Points and Hoses, Measuring and Display Devices
  • Filter Housings and Elements, Hydraulic Accessories
  • Ready-to-Install Pipe, Tube and Hose Assemblies

The selection of the product segments according to product interest is made on the registration form. Here you also have the option of subscribing to the newsletters for all product segments at the same time.