Thread Identification Boards

STAUFF thread identification boards type FI-TIB as a universal tool for workshops, warehouses or sales areas allows quick and easy determination of common thread types and sizes, e.g. for tube connectors and test couplings. For metric threads (M8x1 to M48x2) and Whitworth tube threads (G1/8 to G1 1/2), NPT threads (1/8-27 to 1 1/2-11.5 NPT),UNF threads (7/16-20 to 7/8-14 UNF) and 4 UN threads (1 1/16-12 to 1 7/8-12 UN).

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STAUFF Material Description
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Thread Identification Boards

The STAUFF Thread Identification Board is intended to be used as a universal tool for workshops, warehouses or sales counters allowing quick and easy determination of common thread types and sizes, e.g. for male stud tube connectors and test couplings. 

The board is available in two different versions:

FI-TIB-M/G - 13 Metric Parallel Threaded Ports

  • M8 x 1 / M10 x 1 / M12 x 1,5 / M14 x 1.5 /
  • M16 x 1,5 / M18 x 1,5 / M20 x 1,5 / M22 x 1.5 /
  • M26 x 1,5 / M27 x 2 / M33 x 2 / M42 x 2 / M48 x 2   

FI-TIB-M/G - 8 Whitworth Parallel Pipe Threaded Ports

  • G1/8 / G1/4 / G3/8 / G1/2 / G3/4 / G1 / G1 1/4 / G1 1/2 

FI-TIB-N/U - 8 NPT National Pipe Threaded Ports

  • 1/8–27 NPT / 1/4–18 NPT / 3/8–18 NPT /
  • 1/2–14 NPT / 3/4–14 NPT / 1–11.5 NPT /
  • 1 1/4–11.5 NPT / 1 1/2–11.5 NPT

FI-TIB-N/U - 9 UN/UNF Threaded Ports

  • 7/16–20 UNF / 1/2–20 UNF / 9/16–18 UNF /
  • 3/4–16 UNF / 7/8–14 UNF / 1 1/16–12 UN /
  • 1 5/16–12 UN / 1 5/8–12 UN / 1 7/8–12 UN

STAUFF Thread Identification Boards are covering all relevant thread type and sizes of male stud tube connectors and test couplings. They made of hardened quality steel and finished with an extremely resistant cathodic electrodeposition coating. Laser markings next to the threaded ports indicate the thread types and size. Non-slip rubber feet provide good stability of the Thread Identification Boards on the workbench or counter.

Product Features

  • Covering all relevant thread type and sizes of male stud tube connectors and test couplings
  • Boards made of hardened quality steel
  • Finished with an extremely resistant cathodic electrodeposition coating
  • Laser markings indicating the thread types and sizes next to the threaded ports
  • Non-slip rubber feet providing good stability

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