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Clamp Bodies (Light Series Type LNGF)

Clamp bodies of the Light Series type LNGF. Twin design with two identical line diameters. For common diameters of between 6 and 22 millimetres. Made of plastic (polypropylene PP, polyamide PA). Compact and lightweight design. Ideal for applications in confined spaces. Applications: compressed air technology, vehicle construction, mechanical engineering, measurement and control technology, machine tool construction.

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  • STAUFF Material Description LNG-106.4/06.4-PA
  • STAUFF Material No. 1120003314
  • STAUFF Material Description LNG-209.5/09.5-PA
  • STAUFF Material No. 1120003318
  • STAUFF Material Description LNG-212/12-PA
  • STAUFF Material No. 1120003322
  • STAUFF Material Description LNG-310/10-PA
  • STAUFF Material No. 1120003325
  • STAUFF Material Description LNG-312.7/12.7-PA
  • STAUFF Material No. 1120003329
  • STAUFF Material Description LNG-419/19-PA
  • STAUFF Material No. 1120003343
  • STAUFF Material Description LNG-419/19-PP
  • STAUFF Material No. 1120003303
  • STAUFF Material Description LNG-422/22-PA
  • STAUFF Material No. 1120003351
  • STAUFF Material Description LNGF-106.4/06.4-PA
  • STAUFF Material No. 1130017255
  • STAUFF Material Description LNGF-106.4/06.4-PP
  • STAUFF Material No. 1130017220
  • STAUFF Material Description LNGF-106/06-PA
  • STAUFF Material No. 1130017254
  • STAUFF Material Description LNGF-106/06-PP
  • STAUFF Material No. 1130017219

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