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Clamp Kits with Weld Plate (Heavy Twin Series)

Complete clamps / clamp assemblies of the Heavy Twin Series similar to DIN 3015, consisting of clamp bodies and assembly accessories, including cover plates, safety locking plates and bolts, as well as weld plates type SPAD.

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Type of Installation

Mounting & Fitting Combination

Installation of Pipes

Installation of Hoses

Installation of Cables

Fixed Installation of Line

Sliding Installation of Line

Vibration Reducing

Tension Clearance

Inside Surface

For Diameter (mm)

Material (Clamp Body)

Material (Weld Plate)

Material (Cover Plate)

Material (Bolt)

Thread Type (Screws)


11 Results
  • STAUFF Material Description SPAD-4012/12-PP-DPAD-AS-M-W1
  • STAUFF Material No. 1110012914
  • STAUFF Material Description SPAD-4019/19-PA-DPAD-AS-M-W1
  • STAUFF Material No. 1110005311
  • STAUFF Material Description SPAD-4019/19-PP-DPAD-AS-M-W1
  • STAUFF Material No. 1110028213
  • STAUFF Material Description SPAD-4020/16-PP-DPAD-AS-M-W1
  • STAUFF Material No. 1110021590
  • STAUFF Material Description SPAD-4020/20-PP-DPAD-AS-M-W1
  • STAUFF Material No. 1110003454
  • STAUFF Material Description SPAD-4021.3/21.3-PP-DPAD-AS-M-W1
  • STAUFF Material No. 1110007586
  • STAUFF Material Description SPAD-4022/22-PP-DPAD-AS-M-W1
  • STAUFF Material No. 1110023097
  • STAUFF Material Description SPAD-4025/25-PP-DPAD-AS-M-W1
  • STAUFF Material No. 1110003455
  • STAUFF Material Description SPAD-4030/25-PP-DPAD-AS-M-W1
  • STAUFF Material No. 1110025535
  • STAUFF Material Description SPAD-5032/32-PP-DPAD-AS-M-W1
  • STAUFF Material No. 1110006853
  • STAUFF Material Description SPAD-5038/38-PP-DPAD-AS-M-W1
  • STAUFF Material No. 1110003456

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